VDub Island Finale: Fashion, Music and all the fun of the Fair

The sun was going down on the last night of VDub Island Festival and I took a seat on a bail of hay just as Taylor Swift Xeena Christian took to the Aircooled Stage.

She got the crowd up and dancing with her high energy performance and playlist: Shake it Off, Bad Blood, I knew you were trouble, Everything has Changed, Love Story, Blank Space, Look What You Made Me Do…

A man sat next to me we chatted and he  informed me that he had paid £196 to bring his camper on the Ferry. Fortunately when I booked my Festival ticket I noticed that Red Fennel offer a discount to VDub Island Festival goers and as a result I only paid £85 for my ferry trip. Hopefully our chat over a cider will ensure he takes advantage of the discount offer next year?

It was beginning to get cold so I visited the VW clothing stall and treated myself to a VDub Sweatshirt which I had my eye on for the past few days.

As I passed back through Bond’s Victorian Funfair my neighbours spotted me and invited me to join them on the Big Wheel, Carousel & WaveSwinger.

The views form up there were amazing. The site became one beautiful blur of light as we spun round and round. The music got noticeably loader as Ed Sheeran Experience took to the stage and kicked off with You Need Me, I Don’t Need You. He absolutely nailed Ed Sheeran’s hits Singing, Rapping, Beatboxing, Strumming & Looping all the way through Drunk, The A Team, GalwayGirl, Castle on the Hill, Shape of You, Lego House, Give me Love, Sing, Thinking out Loud, Castle on the Hill, Shape of You….Go see this guy he was amazing.

The finale to the VDub Island Weekend was Daft Punk’d XL (a tribute to daft punk)

A neon lit pyramid appeared on stage like something from out of space and from inside the two Djs dressed in Daft Punk Helmets and Gloves spun the best of the duos electric punk anthems.

These guys are Genius I wish I had thought of the idea first. Presumably if you fancy the night off you simply ask a mate (Boy or Girl) to don the Helmet and Gloves push play on the IPod and wave their hands around.

Helmets off to the artists – Great Performance a brilliant end to VDub Island 2017

Thank you one and all – Isle of Wight/ VDub Island I will be back.

Footnote: A few months after the Festival I was surprised to see a picture of me published in the Volkswagen Camper and Commercial Magazine.

To be continued…


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